Credit Rating

Sinopro's professional risk control team and management team are well-versed in cutting-edge credit rating technology, and combined with CNBM's nearly 20 years of experience in international sales, have developed a reliable credit evaluation process and risk control system.

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Credit Services

Sinopro's credit service utilizes a credit evaluation service developed and based upon registered customer credit ratings, allowing those users that meet certain conditions can enjoy a full range of value-added services.Sinopro provides a line of credit according to the customer's credit rating and performance.

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Credit Purchasing

Sinopro's service team is staffed with professional purchasing managers, each of which has ample experience with international procurement and customers. They are committed to helping customers source the right product, and the right price.

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Service Guide


Q: How does Sinopro rate its customers?
A: Sinopro's Credit Services users are divided into ordinary members and certified members. Certified Members enjoy improved cooperation, and are divided into three levels – A\2A\3A.
Q: What are the Certified Member rating criteria?
A: Refer to the linked document.
Q: Are Certified Member ratings updated in real time?
A: Certified Member ratings are based on membership information, transaction history, and are updated on at least a monthly basis.

Q: What are the requirements to apply for credit services?
A: Once an Sinopro user reaches a level 3A rating, and provides the appropriate application information, they are eligible to apply for membership and enjoy the service.
Q: After the credit service application is submitted, how long does it take to receive a reply?
A: 10 business days.
Q: When applying for Credit Services, is there a credit limit?
A: The credit limit is based on the applying company, their relationship with Sinopro, transaction history, products, orders, and more. The specific amount required will be determined after a comprehensive assessment of these results.
Q: Under what circumstances can one apply for a Credit Purchasing membership?
A: Under the following conditions: 1. Delivery time is later than the agreed upon date; 2. The quality of the goods in question (the responsibility of the supplier) is suspect.
Q: How does one apply for Credit Purchasing?
A: Log into the Member Account, enter Customer Center - Financial Services - Credit Purchasing Application. Fill out and submit the relevant information to Sinopro.
Q: What is the Credit Purchasing application process?

  1. A product fails to arrive according to the contract schedule, and with a customer receipt, and purchased with an order amount of X%.
  2. Product quality issues, accompanied by relevant evidence attesting to supplier liability. Within 15 calendar days of receipt, provide product photographs and a third party quality inspection report to Sinopro. Sinopro will provide payment as determined as soon as possible, according to order details and situation.
Q: What is the Credit Purchasing service payment ratio?
A: Specific payment amounts will vary according to individual situations.
Q: Under what circumstances will a Credit Purchasing application be denied?
  1. Supplier product liability corruption problems
  2. The payment application period is 15 calendar days after receipt; applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

Q: How can I view my qualification status?
A: Enter Customer Registration/Login, enter "Customer Center" - "Financial Services" - "Credit Certification" and enter your query.
Q: Where can I apply for financial services?
A: Enter Customer Registration/Login, enter "Customer Center" - "Financial Services" - "Credit Certification" and apply in the Menu. This menu is only available for Sinopro certified members, and is not open to general members.
Q: Where can I view the credit limit?
A: Enter Customer Registration/Login, enter "Customer Center" - "Financial Services" - "Credit Application" and search "Quota" in the search bar.
Q: Where do you submit a Credit Purchasing service application?
A: Enter Customer Registration/Login, enter "Customer Center" - "Financial Services" – “Credit Purchasing” and access the menu.

Customer Evaluation

  • Credit Services
    Despite a current lack of liquidity, demand for goods high? There is no need to worry about losing clients, and after Sinopro conducts a credit assessment, all your credit issues are solved.

  • Credit Rating
    Upon completing an assessment and receiving a Sinopro credit rating, users will be able to enjoy Sinopro's competitive financial services network.

  • Credit Purchasing
    Sinopro provides existing payment services so users need not worry about product quality issues - allowing them to do business with more confidence.