Company Culture

At Sinopro, our staff is our most treasured resource, and we make exploring and developing each individual’s potential a primary goal.

We are constantly focused and concerned with our employees’ welfare, and provide extensive opportunities for staff training and improvement.

We provide not only the opportunity to work with a great team at a dynamic company, but a platform for career development.

Our success as an organization depends on quick and efficient action based on impactful self-management, clear goals and mission, powerful IT support, a well-defined and efficient corporate structure, and the power of personal relationships.Achieving all of the above requires a working environment that is open, understanding and honest – and this is exactly the environment that seeks to create.

The company advocates the core values of ‘Innovation, performance, harmony and responsibility’, and the code of conduct of being ‘Reverent, grateful, modest and decent’ Adhering to the principle of ‘Enterprise are people; enterprises depend on people; enterprises should act like people’, the company actively created a humanistic environment of being tolerant and generous towards people, thereby earning the loyalty of its employees. The company considers realizing the happiness and value of every person as its main targets, and strives to attain mutual growth with its employees.