Professional Wood Cutting Bench Saw 315mm BHT 315 Wood cutting machines

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315mm Professional Wood Cutting Bench Saw

A sturdy, powerful electrical bench saw designed for cutting solid wood and composite boards such as particle boards and chipboards. Powerful and easy to use, the BHT 315 has a choice of motors and is ideal for contractors and rental users.


  • Sturdy, powerful saw with various options
  • 2 dust extraction devices
  • Suction hose as standard
  • Large table with embedded graduation for adjustable and rotating rip fence.
  • Precise slotted guide and graduation up to 45 degrees for tilting arbor as standard
  • Cutting depth approx. 90mm
  • Extraordinary stability
  • Rip fence also used as mitre fence up to 60 degrees;
  • Table extension of approx. 800mm Supplied as standard with parallel rise and fall operated by crank handle
  • Choice of 3 motors


Properly packed for transportation

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1 year

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