Polyurethane Waterproof Coating For High Speed Rail ( Tensile Strength 6.0Mpa)

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Product Introduction

The material cures into a film by reacting of components A and B. component A is a prepolymer containing isocyanate group obtained by condensation polymerization of polyether and polyisocyanate. Part B is a paste formed by mixing of crosslinking agents, promoting agent, flexibilizer, thickener, fungicide, fillers, and pigments. When using, mix components A and B according to a certain proportion; after mixing evenly, coat on the construction base; after several hours of curing reaction, it will form a waterproofing film of elastic resilience and durability. The coating has excellent heat-resisting adhesion and shear resistance, and the elastic high-strength coating film formed after the construction of road and bridge can withstand long-term load movement of road and bridge, prevent structural damage to the copper bar, the corrosion and the concrete carbonization caused by seepage, and greatly extend the service life of road and bridge.

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Sealed in iron drum,20kg/barrel

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