YWR-421 SBS Modified Bitumen Root Resistant Waterproof Membrane

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The product is made of polyester felt as base material, SBS modified bitumen glue with imported chemical root-blocking agent as coating material, and double-sided coated with waterproof material with excellent root resistance. The product has excellent water resistance and root-blocking properties, which can effectively prevent plant roots from penetrating the waterproof layer and ensure the integrity of the overall waterproof system. 

Product Features

●It has the dual function of preventing plant root penetration and waterproofing. It can withstand the puncture of plant roots and maintain waterproof function for a long time.
●The tensile strength is high, the elongation is large, and the adaptability to the shrinkage deformation and cracking of the base layer is strong.
●It can form a high-strength waterproof layer and is resistant to pressure water.
●It is resistant to smashing, tearing, fatigue, corrosion, mold and weather resistance.
●Excellent high and low temperature resistance, suitable for hot and cold areas;
●Hot-melt construction, convenient construction and reliable and durable joints.
Root-blocking principle

●Root-blocking substance: imported chemical root-blocking agent.
●Root-blocking features:
1.It is almost insoluble in water and will not be lost;
2.Good processability, low volatility to ensure that the active ingredients in the process of almost no loss.
3.High flash point to ensure the safety of processing.
●Root blocking method: chemical root block.
●Root-blocking mechanism: When the roots of plants touch the chemical root-blocking agent in the asphalt adhesive coating, they will be keratinized, will not continue to grow downward, and will not damage the existing roots of the plants. That is to avoid the root penetration through the waterproof layer, and to ensure the normal growth of the plant.

Scope of Application

Mainly suitable for rooting and waterproofing of roofs of underground buildings for planting roofing and greening.

Construction Method

● Construction by hot melt method. That is, a flame spray gun is used to bake the hot melt adhesive of the bottom layer of the coil for bonding.
● Pay attention to controlling the flame during construction and heat it evenly.


After Sales Warranty

Warranty:5 years

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Place of Origin:CN

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