SPU-301 One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

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YUHONG” brand SPU-301 One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating is made out of the main materials of isocyanate and polyether polyol, together with various auxiliaries and fillers by polyreaction , coating on the waterproof base layer, after chemical reaction of NCO terminal group of polyurethane prepolymer and moisture in air, it forms a jointless , flexible and strong rubber waterproof layer.


·Excellent physical and mechanical properties: Composed of pure polyurethane, good rubber elasticity and resilience, high tensile strength, strong resistance to the deformation of base layer (shrinkage and cracking);
·Good bonding property, strong adhesion: be bonded with different base layers and directly constructed on the qualified base layers; the bonding strength is more than 1.0MPa;
·Good construction performance: one component, out of the box for use on-site, easy construction; brushing 2-3 times up to 1.5mm thickness, dense coating, pinhole-free, no bubbles;
·Excellent water and corrosion resistance: forming film by chemical reactions, water erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, especially suitable for long-term soaking parts of waterproof engineering constructions;
·Excellent low temperature flexibility: -40 ℃ low temperature bending without cracking, suitable for low temperature waterproof engineering constructions;
Environmental friendly: high boiling point solvents, non-dangerous goods, no benzene, toluene, xylene and any other toxic solvents, no coal tar.

Application Range

·Apply to basement (basement of building, basement parking lot, open-cut subway and passageway);
·Apply to bathroom,water poolbalcony, parking area
·Apply to non-exposed roof waterproof engineering.
·SPU-302 can be used for vertical plane and the detailed additional waterproof layer like convex, concave corners and pipe ends etc, and also used for sealing of waterproof layer closed heads.
·Waterproof engineering of swimming pool, man-made fountain, water pool and water canal.
·Roof waterproof engineering for parking lot and square .

Reference Dosage

·For each millimeter thick film, coating dosage weight is about 1.6kg/m2-1.8kg/ .


In metal drums

After Sales Warranty

1 year

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