Komatsu forklift 2.5 ton 2003 model

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Komatsu Reliability

Unique designs have further extended the life span of the truck

Frame structure and changes to the mast improve durability

Exceptional Heat balance - The bell-shaped shroud concentrates cooling air into the radiatoralso enhances reliability during heavy operations.

The heavy-gauge steel frame, front axle and heavy front fender connect to deliver high strength—critical for high lifting and heavy loads.


The Komatsu Komfort Zone design uses a dual floating structure that protects operators. One set of vibration-dampening mounts separate the forklift’s frame from the engine and transmission. A second set of suspension mounts isolate the operator compartment from the frame. In addition, drive-train design reduces vibration transmitted from the differential. The combined technology of both of these Komatsu designed systems further reduce the vibrations transferred to the mast, fork, steering wheel and control lever, as well as the operator's seat. Therefore, ultimately improving operator comfort and cargo safety.



Capacity 2.5 ton

2003 model

5600 working hour

4.5-meter lifting height


After Sales Warranty

3 months

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