Sintered Metal Power Filter

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This metal powder filter is sintered with ball metal powder by special technique. It has perfect penetration filtration features, high filtration precision, a certain kind of toughness and strength, which is better than those made of other materials, such as paper, copper mesh, fiber cloth, meanwhile it is easy to dismantle and clean.

1. Parameter and Characteristic

1.1 Technical parameter

High precision: uniform surface filtration performance on 0.1~100μm

Heat resistance: continuous filtration from -200 to 900℃

1.2 Material:

Stainless steel powder, bronze powder, nickel powder, titanium powder, high temperature alloy powder, others on request.

1.3. Characteristic

Good chemical stability, acid and alkali-resistant, used in a wide range of PH value;

Good mechanical strength, high precision, easy to regenerate, long service-life;

Pore size uniform distribution, high separation efficiency;

Super anti-biotic ability, no interaction with the microbes;

High temperature resistance, normal operation in temperature below 900 ℃.

No dust dropping, no secondary pollution.

2. Application

Widely used for gas, liquid, fuel oil filtration in petroleum, chemical, motor, tractor, airplane, shipping industry, acting as filter element in pneumatic, hydraulic circuit.


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