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Air filter is made of pleated filter layer, core and caps, which is used for air filtration and purification in the air inlet of equipment to keep equipment normally running. Different filter material and structure may be selected according to site service and precision required to get the best performance.

1. Parameter and Characteristic

1.1 Technical parameter

Filter efficiency: M5~F9(EN779-2012)

Initial pressure drop: <200Pa

Operation temperature: max. 120℃(common material); 200℃(heat-resistance material)

Surface treatment: electrospun adhesive film, PTFE film

1.2 Material

Wood pulp fiber materials, blended fiber materials, chemical fiber materials

1.3 Characteristic

Filter material will be selected according to difference service, which has good applicability.

High-quality galvanized plate has been used for caps and inner& outer screens, with advantage of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

Closed rubber sealing is of low hardness, high strength, which has ensured gas tightness.

2. Application

Air inlet filter for gas turbine

Inlet filter for air compressor

Air inlet filter for various rotary equipment



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