Gas-liquid Coalescing Filter and Liquid-liquid Coalescing Filter

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Gas-liquid coalescing filter is used to separate small liquid drop in the medium from gas by capturing, coalescing and discharging. Filter is made of various filter material and each filter material has different functions.

Liquid-liquid coalescing filter is made of a special layer, by using hydrophilia function of material surface to separate liquid. When medium passing through coalescing layer, particles will be absorbed on the fiber surface, and small liquid drop will be combined, coalesced together, to become a big liquid drop. When the liquid drop is big enough, it will be dropping from the surface by the effect of gravity and continuous medium. By that way, different liquid will be separated. For certain service, more separating filters is possible to get the best result.

1. Parameter and Characteristic

1.1 Technical parameter

Gas-liquid coalescing filter:

Filter precision: 0.3μm, efficiency: 99.99%

Max. pressure differential:120Kpa

Max. temperature: 120℃

Liquid-liquid coalescing filter:

Filter precision: under 30ppm according to differential service

Max. pressure differential:0.6Mpa

Operation temperature: -200~330℃

1.2 Filter material

Coalescing filter is made of imported non-metal compound material, or metal material( for special service)

1.3 Characteristic

Coalescing filter is under continuous status to deal with the medium.

Coalescing performance is good after combination with special treated filter material to remove disperse phase effectively.

Solution can be selected according to different service to get a better result.

2. Application

Gas-liquid coalescing filter is used for all kinds of gas drying, to separate misty liquid drop away from gas.

Liquid-liquid coalescing filter is suitable for the separation of liquid-liquid mixtures (non-miscible) with a certain specific gravity difference



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