Spiral Wound Filter

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Spiral wound filter is of depth filtration, which is made of textile fiber winding on the perforated core according to special process. Different precision is achieved by changing winding density and arrangement. It is cellular structure, big pore outside, small pore inside, with excellent filtration performance, which can effectively remove the suspended soilds, particles, rust, slit and other mechanical solids away from liquid.

1. Parameter and Characteristic

1.1 Filter material

PP material:max. working temperature ---90℃

Absorbent cotton fiber: max. working temperature ---120℃

Glass fiber:max. working temperature ---200℃

PP core: max. max. pressure differential:≤0.4Mpa

Stainless steel core: max working temperature ---: ≤0.8Mpa

1.2 Material

Polypropylene, degreasing cotton, glass fiber

1.3 Characteristic

The filter layer is thick, 10 to 15 times that of general filter materials, which has a high filtration efficiency, and can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, and rust in the liquid.

The filter is made of a single component, with stable chemical properties which has good compatibility with the media.

The filter layer can be made of various materials which is suitable for various liquid filtration.

The reasonable structure eliminates the by-pass phenomenon of the filter during application, which is hard for other types of filters.

The reasonable shape and unique depth mesh structure make it with a very dirt holding capacity.

Gradual aperture structure, can form a gradient filtration, with excellent filtration effect.


Electronics, power industry: pure water, gas, plating solution, printed circuit board, etc.:

Coal chemical, petrochemical: solvents, coatings, detergents, etc.;

Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical industry: medical water, etc.;

Food industry: food, drinks, alcohol, etc.



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