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The disk filter consists of filter mesh and core. The core is made of a mold and the assembly is relatively complicated. The space utilization is high, the flow channels smooth, and the running resistance is low after disk filter piled up. Metal fiber disk filter is mainly used in the chemical fiber industry installed in front of spinning machine for synthetic fiber and man-made fiber to ensure the smooth flow and improve the solution purity. Disk filter is mainly applied in the filtration of polyester chips, chemical fiber spinning and other production processes.

1. Parameter and Characteristic

1.1 Filter material

Filter precision: 2-300micron

Other sizes on request.

1.2 Filter material

Metal fiber disk filter: metal fiber

Metal disk filter: stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel sintered felt, phosphor copper mesh, brass screen

1.3 Characteristic

High strength: multi-layer mesh are of great mechanical strength and pressure-resistance strength after sintered.

High precision: continuous filtration from 2 micron to 300 micron

Heat resistance: continuous filtration from -200℃ to 650℃

It is easy to clean as the super surface filtration structure.


For dispersion cooling material in extreme high temperature

For high precision, high temperature filtration

For high pressure back flush oil filter



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