Hybird inverter 10kW

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1.   On/off grid switch time 10ms ; Inductive load 1.2KW ; Extra light weight 25kg ,for simplify installation

2.   IP65 protection level,suitable for  harsh environments such as high altitude ,high temperature ,high cold and long-term continuous and       reliable operation. The designed life is up to 25 years

3.   Support grid-connected and off-grid unstoppable switch ; With the function of energy management, support unmanned autonomous operation without EMS ;With flexible configuration ,it can select photo voltaic/mains charging modes and the buried ; Lithium battery/lead-acid battery,support WIFI and GPRS wireless monitoring mode . 

PV Input (DC)
Max. PV Power 14000W
Max. PV Voltage 1000Vdc
Rated PV Voltage 720Vdc
Max. PV Input Current 12.5A/12.5A
MPPT Voltage Range 180-800Vdc
MPPT Number 2
Battery Side Data
Battery Voltage Range 180-800Vdc
Rated Battery Voltage 500Vdc
Max. Charge/Discharge Current 25A/25A
Grid AC Data 
Rated AC Power 10000VA
Rated Grid Voltage 230Vac/400Vac;220Vac/380Vac  3/N/PE
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated AC Current 14.5A
Max AC Current 16.7A
Power Factor 0.8cap...0.8ind
THD <3%
Load AC Data (EPS/UPS/Off-grid) 
Rated Power 10000W
Rated AC Voltage 400Vac;380Vac
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Current 14.5A
Max. Current 16.7A
Switching Time 10ms
Peak Power @25 ℃ 11kW*30min;13kW*5min;15kW*5s
THD (linear Load) <3%
MPPT Efficiency 99.90%
European Efficiency 97%
Max. Efficiency 97.80%
Charge/Discharge Efficiency  97.6/96
DC Reverse-polarity Protection Yes
Anti-islanding Yes
Residual Current Protection Yes
AC Short-circuit Protection Yes
AC Over Current/Voltage Protection Yes
Integrated DC Switch Yes
Insulation Monitoring Yes
General Data
Dimension 548*550*188 mm
Weight  <40kg
Standby Consumption <25W
Ingress Protection Degree IP65
Working Temperature -25°C ... +60°C 
Altitude <2000m
Noise Emission <30dB
Cooling Natural Cooling
Communication Interface WIFI, GPRS (Optional), RS485
Display LED
Safety and Approvals
Safety IEC62109-1-2 / IEC62040
EMC EN61000-6-1/EN61000-6-2/EN61000-6-3/ EN61000-6-4/ IEC 62920
Grid Connection Standard NB/T 32004/AS/NZS 4777.2/
VDE0126-1-1/ENA ERG83/2



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Five-year warranty

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