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ConceptView Pest Control provides timely, consistent, safe and effective Pest control and Disinfection services in Dubai. We are approved by Dubai Municipality - Public Health Pest Control Section and Health and Safety Department (Environment Health Section). Our client base includes residential, commercial, health, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing and leisure sectors.

Our teams are fully trained, qualified, experienced and certified by the Dubai Municipality to undertake Pest Control and Disinfection services. We specialize in precautionary disinfection service, control of cockroaches, filth flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, ants, spiders, rodents & termite control in Dubai. We operate 7 days a week and also provide call back services in the event of an emergency.

All disinfectants, pesticides and rodenticides used by ConceptView Pest Control are approved by the federal government of UAE and local municipalities. All products are used in accordance to manufacturers label instructions. Health and safety of our staff and cleints are paramount importance and we ensure our staff are trained, prepared and offered industry certified gears. Risk assessments are carried out at each stage of our work to ensure safe and effective delivery of our services.

For Pest Control and Disinfection prices in Dubai please contact us on 04 3974358, or WhatsApp on +971 50 9095337. We shall ensure to offer fair and affordable prices based on your requirements.

Concept View Pest Control offers timely, consistent, professional, friendlier pest control and disinfection services against all types of pathogens and public health pests, thus protecting your health and environment from:

+ Spread of deadly diseases,
+ Property damages,
+ Financial loss and
+ Damage to reputation.

We have the tools, skills and equipment to ensure pests are dealt with as quickly as possible and can provide advice on ensuring your premises are as pest proof as possible. Our effective, efficient, transparent and consistent service helps build trust in our working relationship with our clients and results in a long, mutually beneficial partnership.


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