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On-load Tap-changer Tester


  The on-load tap-changer is the only moving part connected to the transformer circuit. Therefore, the detection of the on-load tap-changer is becoming more and more important. In the "power equipment transfer and preventive test procedures", asked to check the on-load tap-changer action sequence, measurement switching time. The instrument is mainly used to measure the transformer on-load tap-changer transition waveform, transition time, the instantaneous transition resistance, three-phase synchronization and so on.

  The instrument is highly intelligent, all Chinese menu prompts, simple operation. Instrument small size, light weight, anti-interference ability, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the site staff, is the power supply units, transformer manufacturing industry to ensure safe production, improve product quality ideal instrument.

On-load Tap-changer Tester


1.Instrument output current, light weight;

2.Test YO, Y, type transformer, the resistance unnecessary to be converted but directly display;

3.With winding or without winding measurement;

4.Waveform display automatically adjusts the resistance according to the sampled value, the time value amplitude

5.There is a perfect protection circuit, reliability and strong;

6.7-inch large LCD display, easy on-site operation;

7.Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, can not take external power (optional)

8.500 sets of data can be saved in Internal automatically.

Output current

1.0A, 0.5A 0.2A

Measuring range Transition resistance

2Ω~20Ω(1.0A)   5Ω~40Ω(0.5A)     


Transition time

0 ~ 320ms

Open circuit voltage


Measurement accuracy Transition resistance

± (5% reading ± 0.1Ω)

Transition time

 ± (0.1% reading ± 0.2ms)


340mm × 245mm × 210mm

Instrument weight


Ambient temperature

Ambient humidity

-10 °C ~ 50 °C

≤ 85% RH

Power frequency

Work Power

50 ± 1Hz




Wooden box

After Sales Warranty

12 months

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