Formwork accessories -Heavy duty/w light duty Flange nut/ anchor nut

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Formwork Anchor Nut in Cast Iron is made by high strength 450 steel grade material conform to BS EN1563 EN45-10 Standard. 
Formwork Anchor Nut can be in 2 wings and 3 wings and in different types and shape customized. 
Concrete Anchor Nut is used as clamp nut connect normally match D16(15/17) and D20(19/21) steel tie rod and tie bars in concrete form work and shuttering work that as connector joint clamp in fixing concrete formwork system of wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, beam formwork, floor formwork, table formwork.


  • Weight :0.75kg each
  • Dimensions: 100mm dia plate
  • Cast steel,cast iron or forged
  • Ultimate Fail Load 180kN

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