CFR-A Automatic Soft Lolly Filling Sealing machine

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CFR plastic soft-bottle filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling and sealing the small-mouth plastic soft-bottle made of PE. It is specialized in packaging of beverage, soda water, yogurt and little-viscosity jelly juice. The machine is clean and bright, up to the foodstuff sanitation standards. It combines pneumatic and electric process with multiple functions. The machine is running automatically from filling, healing, sealing till final products going out, except hanging bottle manually


1 manually feeding bottle---filling1----filling2---filling3---heating----sealing---product discharge
2 The frame of the machine is welded by channel steel, outside of the frame is wrapped by 304# stainless steel.
3 Three group filling device
4 Each group has 8 heads filling
5 The machine length 5m
6 Panel switches adopt shanghai people electric equipment
7 Solenoid adopt MINDMAN from Taiwan
8 Air cylinder adopt AIRTAC from Taiwan


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