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Ladder Clamps are a key but expensive tool in the manufacturing industry and other associated trades. Ladder Clamps or Vehicle Roof Rack Clamps support in protecting ladders to vehicle roofs and make sure about the safety matter aligned with theft or falling off and injuring looker-on or spoil other vehicles. As the time passes by and new technology is there then no use of using ropes and straps for fixing the ladder on the roof of the vehicle, these ladder clamps are very much in trend for fixing ladders on any vehicles.

Scaffold Ladder Clamps Secure Ladders to Scaffold System Tubes. It is conform to BS1139 and EN74 Standard.
There are Pressed Steel Type and Drop Forged Type of Scaffolding Ladder Clamps.  Pressed Steel Ladder Clamps are cheaper with 8.8 class bolt and wing nut. While Drop Forged Scaffolding Ladder  Clamps are heavier and expensive,  while can use longer life.  
The Scaffolding Ladder Clamps are necessary scaffold fittings to form a safety ladder access system in structure construction.  All ladder clamps are galvanized in golden or white color for a durable purpose.  The Ladder clamps can fixed all types of ladders in all sizes include steel ladder and aluminium ladders with O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tubes and Poles.    Wellmade Scaffold is a leading China scaffolding manufacturer produces all types of scaffolding clamps and fittings. Include drop forged and pressed steel scaffolding double coupler, swivel clamps, beam clamp, sleeve coupler, joint pin, joint box, putlog coupler, board retaining coupler, ladder clamps, fence coupler according to global scaffolding standards of BS1139,En74, AS1576, JIS3444

Scaffold Ladder Clamps
Code No.ItemsWeightSizeFinishing
WLCFForged Ladder Clamp0.7KGO.D 48.3mmGalvnaized | Zinc-plaed
WMLC01Pressed Ladder Clamp0.5KGO.D 48.3mmGalvnaized | Zinc-plaed




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