Microcomputer relaying protection tester 6 phase relay test

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microcomputer relay protection device Introduction:

Relay protection microcomputer test device plays a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely. It is the testing device used in professional field of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation measurement, fault recorder. 


microcomputer relay protection device Feature:

  • HZJD-6 Six-phase current with a stdard six-phase voltage while the output can meet all the test requirements of the site. 
  •  Various technical indicators fully meet the Ministry issued a DL / T624-1997 "microprocessor-based relay protection test device technology" standards. 
  • Stand-alone independent operation, built-in high-performance IPC clocked 500MHz, memory 512M, hard drive 16G, running Windows XP operating system. And selection of 8.4-inch with a resolution of 800 × 600 TFT display, making the overall operation easy stand-alone freely, durable. 
  • Control board using DSP + FPGA structure, 16 DAC output to the fundamental point can produce a weekly high density sine 2000, has greatly improved the quality of the waveform to improve the accuracy of the tester. 
  • Linear power amplifier using high-fidelity amplifier, both to ensure the accuracy of small current, but also to ensure the stability of a large current. 
  • secondary injection protection Relay Test set 6 phase protection relay tester

microcomputer relay protection device Parameter:

AC current source

Amplitude range: 6 × (0-30A)     Accuracy: 0.1%

Six-phase current parallel output max: 180A

Phase current long-term allowable working values: 10A 

Power: 300VA / phase 

DC current source

Amplitude: 20A

phase power: 300VA

phase accuracy: 0.2%

AC voltage source

Amplitude range: 6 × (0--125V)      Accuracy: 0.1% 

Line voltage range: 0--250V 

Phase voltage / line voltage Output power: 70VA / 100VA 

DC voltage source

Phase voltage output amplitude: 0~± 150V     Accuracy: 0.2% 

Line voltage output amplitude: 0~± 300V 

Phase voltage / line voltage Output power: 90VA / 180VA 

DC auxiliary voltage source

110V (0.6A)

Switch Terminals

switch input terminals: 8 pairs 

Air access point: 1--20mA, 110V internal device active 

Potential flip: 0--6VDC low      15--250VDC high

Switch output terminals: four pairs of empty contacts

 breaking capacity: 110V / 2A, 220V / 1A. 

Time measurement range

1ms ~ 9999s accuracy 1ms

Frequency range

0--1000Hz   Accuracy: 0.001Hz    Harmonic times: 2--20 times


0--360 °       Accuracy: 0.1 °

Volume weight

470 × 405 × 185 (mm)      about 20Kg

Power source

AC220V ± 10% 50Hz    10A



Wooden box

After Sales Warranty

12 months

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