Steel rebars Deformed steel bars Made in Oman Brand Jindal 8mm-40mm Rebars

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5000 tons/month
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7 days
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Ex UAE warehouse
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TT in Advance
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AED 2850 /Tons
25 tons (Min. Order Quantity)
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Jindal Panther Rebars are produced from in house Billets manufactured through DRI, EAF and Continuous Casting route under stringent quality control measures to ensure superior chemistry with zero surface defects & minimum impurities.

Billets after reheating and passing through Descaler unit are rolled in a State of the art continuous rolling mill at high speed where stands are placed in H-V combination and are finished at Danieli Fast Finishing Blocks to get

Uniform cross section with better dimensional accuracies throughout the length.

Correct shape with better rib design.

After rolling, Bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated at most advance QTB (Quenched & Tempered Bar) Technology supplied by Danieli having microprocessor and automation system for controlled cooling for water quenching and tempering process to get high yield strength and superior mechanical properties:


2 tons/bundle

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